Top 5 best games for boys for 2018

Top 5 best games for boys for 2018
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PCs are naturally more complicated than tablets. Whereas even very young children can decipher a touchscreen, figuring out how mice, trackpads and keyboards may take longer.;

However, if your kid is old enough to take advantage of the best laptops for kids, our selection of the best free PC games for boys will skew a little older. This doesn’t mean there won’t be games for your five-year-old here, though. Note that several of these games are browser-based, though none require plug-ins. For these games, we’d recommend using the Google Chrome browser.

5 best games for boys for 2018

5 best games for boys for 2018

1. Cube Slam

Pong was one of the earliest home videogames. Cube Slam is Pong in your browser – only in 3D, and you get to play against a bear (or a friend – but the multiplayer option is flaky).

You face your furry opponent, moving the bat left or right to deflect the cuboid ‘ball’, aiming to smash the bear’s shields. Win enough times and the game introduces power-ups, invisible balls, and extra blocks on the table that make the ball bounce around unpredictably.

2. Quick, Draw

For children who enjoy doodling, Quick, Draw should prove fascinating. The idea is to sketch – against the clock – something recognizable enough for Google’s Neural Network to identify.

In each case, you’re told what to draw. But this game isn’t about drawing photorealistic objects. Instead, you must quickly figure out the key visual clues that describe something. Which is probably a good thing, unless you can scribble a realistic rhinoceros in 20 seconds.

3. World’s Biggest Pac-Man

Pac-Man’s one of the most recognizable gaming icons around, and the original game is simple enough that even young kids can get to grips with it. However, its single maze quickly becomes dull – hence our recommendation to instead play World’s Biggest Pac-Man.

This online effort has hundreds of thousands of mazes, which you venture between by sneaking out of exits. Other than that, the original game’s compelling mix of munching dots and avoiding a quartet of spectral pursuers remains intact.

4. Forget-Me-Not

This indie hit takes the basis of Pac-Man and a slew of other ancient arcade games, and then smashes them into an endless bout of modern neon craziness.

Again, the basics are simple enough for any kid to understand: march about mazes, grab a key, and make for the exit. But the game’s chaotic nature (the maze’s denizens appear as intent on blowing each other up as taking on the player) ensures it’s relentless raucous fun.

5. Little Alchemy 2

It would be a stretch to call Little Alchemy an educational game, but textbook smarts may help you crack the logic at the core of this match-and-discover puzzler.

You begin with a handful of building blocks, which when combined create new things. Sometimes, discoveries are obvious – add water to more water and you get a puddle. But some are more whimsical and funny, like when metal and a pigeon become a plane.

It’s ideal fodder when your kids want to play games, but you’d prefer them to relax and think for a bit.

Top 5 best games for boys for 2018
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