Stickman fight games free – the arcade game coordinates on the phone

Stickman fight games free – the arcade game coordinates on the phone
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Stickman fight games free is a very addictive shooter game for mobile. Stickman fight games free is your weapon of choice.

An stickman fight games free for mobile

Participating in Stickman fight games free will help players become irresistible archers with the click of a cypress. The Stickman fight games free is divided into two fronts, you one side and the other is the opponent. Who was shot down before will be the winner. Of course playing against the AI, winning will help players advance and go on new challenges. However, if you lose the condolences, you will have to play again from the beginning.

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stickman fight games free

The Stickman fight games free is divided into two fronts

In Stickman fight games free, after each successful kill, the player will receive the most gold coins. Especially if you can hit the head shot, your bonus will be higher. If you win another position on the opponent then the reward is quite small. And you have to shoot multiple times to get more gold. The proceeds of the proceeds will be used for supplementary purchases.

Also, in the free online stickman games the player has the advantage over the opponent. You are equipped with many useful additions, such as creating a wall barrier between the front line to prevent the name from the enemy. Or make a safe arch to prevent flying arrows and freeze enemies. To get these supplements you have to use gold coins to buy. But their prices are not cheap either. If you use it in a wasteful manner, you will soon lose a penny.

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Stickman games free for Android

– Battle mode with AI and 2 player modes.
– Fun game and kill time efficiently
– Follow the rules of physical reality.
– How to play: See the target and shoot down the stickman enemies. Drag your finger to aim – and release your hand to shoot.
– Enemies are killed when one is shot in the head or hit twice on the body, arm or leg.

Each time you kill a successful opponent, you will earn a certain amount of gold. For head shots, the enemy will die instantly and you get 15 cents, and if you hit a different position on the opponent you have to hit twice and get 10 cents. This amount will be used to purchase complementary items.

stickman fight games free

Each time you kill a successful opponent

Compared with your opponent, you have the advantage of being equipped with a number of useful additions, including creating a mobile wall between the front lines to prevent the enemy from firing, creating a protective arch to prevent any nose. The incoming flyer and freeze the enemy before he can release the arrow from the bow. However, the price of these subsidies is not cheap so you need to save money and use only in emergency situations in Stickman fight games free!

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Stickman fight games free – the arcade game coordinates on the phone
5 (100%) 1 vote

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