Things you need to know to play Super Mario run games free

Things you need to know to play Super Mario run games free
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Mario run games free has been officially launched with over 2 million Super Mario Run downloads all over the world. And here I will introduce some things to know when playing Super Mario Run.

 Super Mario Run game free for kids

Mario run games free is a free downloadable game, you can download Super Mario Run for free on the Apple Store, but you will only be playing the first three in World Tour mode. 20 seconds only. To activate the entire game in Super Mario Run you have to spend $ 9.99 (about 200,000).

However, the Toad Rally and Kingdom Builder modes are not limited to this, although all three modes have certain effects.

How to play mario run games

Mario run games free is a game for mobile devices, and Nintendo’s chief creative officer Shigeru Miyamoto says the only thing you do when playing Super Mario Run is to dance. And how to play Super Mario Run also focuses on jumping.

Some suggestions below:
– Tap the screen to jump low.

– Touch and hold the screen to jump higher.

– Touch the screen continuously to climb.

– When you jump to the wall, brick, if you hit again Mario will divert jump or no character will climb.

Mario run games free

Mario run games free is a game for mobile devices

Ways To Earn Many Coins In Super Mario Run

Coins are the money units in Super Mario Run, these are the coin of Super Mario Run that you get when you play each stage.

– The simplest way is to play the default Word Tour mode and not miss any coin.

– Sign up for a Nintendo account, use your Nintendo account to log into Super Mario Run to receive a certain amount of rewards.

– Complete the quests in mario run games to get more coins.

– Play Toad Rally mode in Super Mario Run to earn Coins.

– Buy Super Mario Run version, download Super Mario Run full version to get 3000 coins.

mario run games free

Complete the quests in mario run games to get more coins

How To Play Toad Rally Mode In Super Mario Run

Toad Rally is a game that challenges players, friends, when playing Toad Rally mode in Super Mario Run you will need tickets.

Toad Rally mode is available after you have completed the game’s tutorial.

How To Unlock A Character In Super Mario Run.

In Super Mario Run there are a total of 6 characters of your choice and Mario is your default character. To unlock the characters you need to build buildings, houses while playing Kingdom Builder mode in Super Mario Run.

There are six characters in Super Mario Run including Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Toadette, Toad and Princess Peach.

– Luigi’s Opening Condition: Collect Green Toad and 150 Toad Purple in Toad Rally mode.

– Yoshi Character Opening Condition: Collect 30 Green Toad, 30 Toad Gold in Toad Rally.

Toadette: Toadette: Collect 200 Red Toad, 200 Toad to the sky, 200 Green Toad.

– Toad Open Conditions: Link your Nintendo account to Super Mario Run.

– Conditions to open the character Peach: Complete the World Tour mode, rescue the princess successfully.

Mario run games free Play Be On Android Yet?

Currently there is only Super Mario Run on iPhone, iPad only. Android phones do not have the Super Mario Run app. Perhaps in 2017 Nintendo will release Super Mario Run, which runs Android devices that can download Super Mario Run.

Wish you happy with Mario run games free.

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Things you need to know to play Super Mario run games free
5 (100%) 1 vote

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