Game Review Ride 2 – free ride car games that attracts many players

Game Review Ride 2 – free ride car games that attracts many players
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Are you looking for the best free ride car games in the world? But do not know the game is really like rumors? Please see the following article.

History of free ride car games

The history of free ride car games stretches with tremendous numbers. As many companies try to produce the products considered. But that is the game of the car. The two-wheeled battlefields sank in the rotation of the game. From the neck of the metal only two names “considered” is MotoGP and SBK. But they both quietly “hang the cake” by the year.

The company behind MotoGP and SBK is Milestone S.r.l. After a long time immersed in the product is not impressive. Still hugely own a brand of two-wheel racing game for the time being somewhat unfavorable. The brand is Ride with the first version in 2015 and only after a year. The company continues to release the second version. But that is not a good sign!

With continuous products that are no different and released too closely, Milestone S.r.l. Continue to the main … traces his dump with Ride 2.

free ride car games

The history of free ride car games stretches with tremendous numbers

True collection free ride games

Ride 2 is a free ride car games not graded attention too much attention. Song must also appreciate the efforts that Milestone S.r.l. Get out to design a true two-wheeled car collection.

The number of cars in Ride 2 are numerous and varied across more than 150 vehicles. With the famous manufacturers such as BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, Yamaha … Not only that, old and new can be contacted from the “new” as Mr Martini Ducati Peace Sixty 2 2016 or old With the Honda NS 400R 1985. Among the recent racing games moto appeared, Ride 2 is more prominent in terms of numbers and if a serious player will inevitably feel craving.

Many cars are one thing. Milestone S.r.l. Also included in Ride 2 is a lot of racing for the players to do. The most accurate number is 30 different races spread across many countries across continents, from the real as the famous Nurburgring GP race to the fantasy Viking Valley, Sierra Nevada … All have added Weather effects, day and night make the context richer.

Ride 2 also offers a wide range of great and small modes of play, from single races, team races, race times, and more. It promises to spend 80 hours on the road to become the best racer. According to the game’s rankings. Indeed, what Ride 2 really possesses makes people admire. But…

free ride car games

Ride 2 also offers a wide range of great and small modes of play

Simulation is not good in free ride car games

Ride 2 has not yet fully completed the elements needed to be worthy of a racing simulator. The writer really feels sorry for this game because the potential is huge, especially when it can completely avoid the shortcomings of his predecessor, but the laziness and strategy to develop more of the substance of Milestone. Srl have killed all.

The driving sensation of Ride 2 is quite normal and nothing too striking to create excitement. In the last few years, Milestone S.r.l. has brought a lot of bad reputation by not hesitate to copy almost all of the MotoGP data for the other games of the company, so that Ride 2 can not be a special case. Ride 2 has many cars, but the difference is mainly in speed and ability to break, but other factors such as ability to grip, weight … nothing worth mentioning, a sense Similar to Ducati: 90th Anniversary debut not long ago.

To put it bluntly, cars in Ride 2 feel more “floating” in the air than the “rattles” that stick to the road surface that rolls. In addition, the aesthetics of the game is not as high as the rough steering movements and the way the cars collide like two toys hit each other rather than powerful machines a few hundred grade level.

The weather factor in the free ride car games is probably just to give, not really make a difference. Milestone S.r.l. can not be separated between a rainy sky road or a beautiful dry road, so that the car just launched soaring without fear of slipping off the track.

Frustrated sound image free ride games

Since the success of SBK 2011, can confirm Milestone S.r.l. There is no other breakthrough in the way of graphic design, because Ride 2 still has a nostalgic feel for a SBK or MotoGP version that has a PS4 design but is still a product. with old technology. From the scene to the scene, Ride 2 is extremely lackluster and lacks vitality, with low resolution, almost no upgrade compared to its predecessor. True, the Ride 2 is just a product for the PS3 and Xbox 360.

The only bright spot is that the staging is done in a fairly regular manner. Writer uses relative words. As many of the guns still have dozens of details that have not been carefully crafted, despite the fact that the power of the current gaming machines is more than adequate. Not to say that it is far more so. If compared to racing games such as Forza Motorsport 6 or Driveclub, it is too lame. However, it seems that Ride 2 has lagged behind.

The sound is a big disappointment again. The sound of free ride car games did not reach the required level. Music is also repeated, even the lead voice is equally emotionless. A heavy defeat at the plate that Milestone S.r.l. did a great job with MotoGP 2 in 2003.

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Game Review Ride 2 – free ride car games that attracts many players
5 (100%) 1 vote

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