Flight Simulator X – flight paper plane game for kids

Flight Simulator X – flight paper plane game for kids
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Flight Simulator X is a famous Microsoft Flight Simulator flight paper plane game with a lot of aircraft. Flight model available and accurate physics effects.

About the flight paper plane game

Being a pilot is the dream of many people, but not everyone can overcome tough recruiting regulations, challenging training courses that last for many years. So an aircraft simulator like Flight Simulator X can pacify the regret for those who can not pursue this dream. It’s so close to reality and gives you full control over the planes as they fly in the air. Excursions in the blue sky and see the beautiful nature below.

As usual, you can use the automatic flywheel function to keep it steady whenever you need to fly long distances and do not want to steer. Of course, in case you are on a small plane that must perform dangerous action at low altitude. The autopilot can be easily disabled to give you full control over the aircraft.

Flight Simulator X – flight paper plane game has really great maps. With well-designed place models, taken from satellite imagery and on photography sites. In addition, there are a large number of airports for you to take off, depending on your preferences, all handcrafted in size and length.

flight paper plane game

Flight paper plane game has really great maps

Key Features of Flight Simulator X Flight simulator – game paper plane flight

  • The whole world in the flight paper plane game is modeled to the most detailed level
  • Simulate everything from light aircraft, gliders to Cessnas, commercial aircraft or helicopters
  • Realistic physics, making Flight Simulator X a great coach for those looking for a real pilot license.
  • Lots of spectacular action such as landing a plane on a moving bus, racing with a speeding truck, trying to fly over the top of an oil rig exploded at sea and rescued stranded workers.
  • Collect unique rewards and souvenirs
  • 30 missions with many secret missions
  • 18 aircraft of various types
  • 40 airports are designed with high levels of detail
  • 28 cities with impressive landscapes
  • Cockpit mirror Garmin G1000 advanced
  • Many tower control modules allow you to step into the control tower and take on the role of air traffic control in multiplayer mode.
  • Many missions, aircraft, airports, cities in the Deluxe version.

flight paper plane game

The whole world in the flight paper plane game is modeled

System Requirements in game paper plane flight

From a technical standpoint, Flight Simulator X  – game paper plane flight has superior graphics quality. Especially the aircraft, carefully crafted like the real partners. The scenery in the game is also subtle and beautiful, especially when you look at it from a few thousand feet in the air.

Finally, although Flight Simulator X may not be exactly correct. It gives you detailed ideas and skills when navigating the plane in the air. As well as the difficulty of performing the task and landing on the desired airport. Download Flight Simulator X, experience the unique features and impressive graphics of this famous aircraft game.

  • Windows operating system
  • CPU: 1GHz or higher
  • RAM: 512MB
  • HDD: 14GB
  • Video: 32MB
  • Sound card, speaker or headset needed for audio
  • Modem 56.6Kbps or higher when playing online

Limited to unregistered version

  • The number of missions, airplanes, cities, airports is limited in flight paper plane game. 

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Flight Simulator X – flight paper plane game for kids
5 (100%) 1 vote

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