Parking Mania – car parking games online world famous

Parking Mania – car parking games online world famous
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Parking Mania is a well-known car parking games online. You can now play it on Windows 8 with the most beautiful cars and the latest challenges.

Points of interest when playing car parking games online

Do you have the space and skill to get the cars in the right place or not? Do you have the potential to become a hottest driver since the invention of the rudder? Parking Mania – car parking games online will give you the chance to prove it, in the most addictive and addictive parking game on the game store.
The great new version of Parking Mania has over 10 levels free to play and has over 150 upgrades. Raise the total level of the game to 230. Now you can give the impatient car another strong sound by unlocking the horn.

Intoxication and addiction in parking games online:

Parking Mani – car parking games online has got this great thing because of its easy-to-understand but easy-to-masterplay style, which makes you want to play forever. With hidden areas, plenty of pickups along the way, bonus based on time and driving experience sorted from easy to difficult, there are many challenges for you to discover and play at a faster pace. to achieve.

Perfect control in parking games online:

Parking Mania is a car parking games online that requires high accuracy. Stylish and skilled players, so it offers 3 types of controls for the touch pad. With the desktop, you can also control the car backwards, left, right, turn accurately with the keyboard.

It does not seem to play forever:

With more than 80 different vehicles, from sports cars to large trusses. Multiple levels of play, play through the day and night, traveling through the parking lot through the streets and highways. All with random AI traffic control. It can bring you hours of entertainment.

Feeling happy:

Parking Mania  – free online parking games creates more fun for the player when adding interesting points from the vibration on impact. Come play the tracks as well as the tunes of Parking Mania, earn the star rating of completed levels based on accuracy. Show off your skills by competing on online rankings and earning achievements when enhancing games.

car parking games online

Parking Mania is a car parking games online that requires high accuracy

Main features of Parking Mania

  • 230 free, challenging levels.
  • 80 beautiful cars, and many styles.
  • Beautiful shady streets and parking places.
  • Connect with Facebook to play with friends.
  • Compete with players around the world on the integrated boards in the game.
  • Beautiful graphics, vibrant sound, shock, car horn …
  • Intuitive controls.

Car parking games online Parking Mania

car parking games online

At the first level the turn is not much

Unlike Parking Mania games on mobile phones. You will have to tilt the machine to turn, pull the pedal to go faster. When playing on the computer you will use the arrows on the keyboard to drive. To drive forward, press the up arrow. Hold the left arrow and the up arrow to the left, hold the right arrow and the arrow up at the same time to the right, press the down arrow to move back. When holding two keys at the same time, remember to press slowly if not to run around the circle and hit the obstacles on the road.

At the first level the turn is not much. Driving is quite convenient. On higher levels the bends will be more, more folded. Parking places are also in more difficult places. You only have to park at one point. You also see the parking spot on the screen, later you will have to park in more points. Parking spots may not be visible. You must follow the arrows on the screen to see these spots in car parking games online.

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Parking Mania – car parking games online world famous
5 (100%) 1 vote

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