Some tips needed when playing Game candy crush saga free

Some tips needed when playing Game candy crush saga free
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To play the game of candy crush saga free is better, more fun then you need to grasp some of the tricks of the game. If you still do not know these tips, please follow the following article.

Candy crush saga free is an interesting game

Candy crush saga free is an interesting game with a very cute interface and “sweet”. Candy crush saga free with the candy makes players extremely excited. Your task is to arrange the candy of the same color together. Have three or more candies, then they will disappear and give way to other candies. It sounds simple, but not really. The screen of Candy Crush Saga has the screen is too easy. But there are difficult stages that make it take us hours to get through. That is the attraction of the Candy Crush Saga magic candy game.

In the previous article we have introduced you to the rules of Candy Crush Saga candy. In this article we will continue to guide you to add some necessary tricks when playing Game Candy Crush Saga to be able to conquer this attractive game offline.

candy crush saga free

Candy crush saga free is an interesting game with a very cute interface

Some tips needed when playing the play candy crush saga free online

1) Reasonable Use of Power Supplies If Yes

During the process of play candy crush saga free online you will be able to get power items. If you want to have more then need to buy with real money in the game store. By default they will be used as soon as they reach the next level. So you need to turn them off for the ones you really need before clicking Continue.

2) Use Jelly Fish

This fishy candy can remove any 3 candies on the screen. You need to use this kind of candy when it comes to more difficult ones, such as lithosphere requirements. Or you can mix with Striped Candy to create two color fish that you can turn any three candy into 3 tablets Striped Candy. Or combine with Wrapped Candy to turn any 3 candies into 3 Wrapped Candies.

3) Use More Water Gifts

The difference when  play candy crush saga free online is that you can use facebook social networking to send and receive gifts, especially gifts +3 Moves. Once you have accumulated quite a lot of this, then you use the game to set the absolute score. There is a point to note that you can only choose +3 Moves before starting to play only.

candy crush saga free

Once you have accumulated quite a lot of this

4) Network Accumulation When Sended To Friends

When you play the Game Candy crush saga free you will receive the request from friends with the heart that is the network that your friends have donated to you. The point is that when you are still full network 5, you do not immediately get the Request window, but turn them off, then they will be saved in the Inbox, when playing all 5 networks, you open them. gradually and use reasonable offline.

5) Create Connect With Many Friends When You Play Candy Crush Saga

When creating multiple links with multiple friends, it means that you will receive many gifts or many requests.

6) The following tips to get more gaming network

Usually when playing all 5 networks in Game Candy Crush Saga, you have to wait 20 minutes to play more, but you can apply the following tips to add network to play offline:

– When playing online, exit the game and adjust the date and time on the phone
– Turn off the auto update feature and move to the next day
– Turn off time settings and re-open the game will now have 5 new networks, but you need to turn off the game again and do not rush.
– Turn on the auto time update feature on your phone
– Finally you open the game and play normally without the next 20 minutes.

So here we have some tips on how to play Candy crush saga free. Hopefully through this article, you can apply these tips to achieve the highest score and conquer the game even the most difficult of the attractive game. Have fun playing games, relax after working hours, study stress.

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Some tips needed when playing Game candy crush saga free
5 (100%) 1 vote

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