Ariport City – the airport games online for building and managing flights

Ariport City – the airport games online for building and managing flights
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Airport City – airport games online for Windows Phone challenges you to operate flights around the world, meet interesting characters and collect the most exotic and unique artifacts.

Ariport City – airport games online is a free build

Ariport City – airport games online is a free build and flight management game. First, you build an international airport full of modern services. Then develop the surrounding city to support the development of the airport.

Challenge in airport management games for Windows Phone:

    • Construction of traffic control tower and runway
    • Manage international flights
    • Upgrade to access new flights and aircraft
    • Collect unique antiques
    • Complete the items collection and exchange them to get rewards.
    • Discover hundreds of quests and win unique prizes
    • Planning and building a unique city
    • Accumulate wealth and build a thriving and thriving cityairport games online

Airport games online is a free build and flight management game

Key features of Airport City – airport games for Windows Phone

  • Nice graphics and realistic sound effects
  • User-friendly interface and gameplay
  • Many living characters are inspired by real life with their own stories.
  • Score points from residential, commercial, recreational and other buildings
  • No ads
  • And last but not least: Airport City – airport games online is free! Get Airport City and play now!

The sunset on Airport City – airport games online carries a horde of terrible monsters. Fight the devils and seal the gates of the city until dawn awake and receive special rewards. Mr. Klandau, the great professor here to help you. Complete the mission and save the city.

Here is a quick guide for beginners to playing Airport City

  • Navigate on the game screen
  • On screen also, you will see the level and experience, total fuel, passenger, coin, airport, city population.
  • On the left of the screen, you will find the current task.
  • On the right side of the screen, you will see items to visit the airport, flight times and rewards.
  • The bottom of the screen are shops, airplanes, warehouses, collections, friends, information and tools.

airport games online

On the left of the screen, you will find the current task

The term in the airport games

  • Coins: This is the currency used in Airport City, which is used to pay for airport expansion, construction of businesses and homes, and the purchase of new aircraft. You can earn coins by selling flights and from your company.
  • Airport Cash: is a high end currency used to skip missions, buy bonuses, unlock top items and buy high end items. Airport Cash can be bought in real money. You can also earn an airport every time you level up.
  • Experience: Earn by completing quests. Each gambler earns enough experience that you level up. Upgrading will also help you unlock new items, missions, planes and destinations.
  • Fuel: Necessary for your aircraft. When you run out of fuel you will not be able to use any aircraft. You can wait to add fuel or use fuel to be rewarded.
  • Passengers: the aircraft can not depart if no other passengers. Passengers are collected in the houses in the city. Each type of home earns you a certain amount of time. Every time when you are out of passengers, you need to wait to gather more or use the passengers in the reward.
  • Energy: the energy needed to supply the buildings. You will need them to build power plants to expand your city.
  • City Capacity: This means how many buildings you can build. Each building in the city will occupy a large area. Therefore, it is necessary to expand the city to increase its capacity.
  • Mission: You will continuously receive quests while playing. Each time you complete the task, you earn experience, coins, bonuses and items. Complete the mission important is to earn enough experience to level up on airport games online.

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Ariport City – the airport games online for building and managing flights
5 (100%) 1 vote

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