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SWOOOP is a game application for children who are both fun and useful. Thanks to that, parents will not see the iPhone or iPad just to have fun and coax children to hear again. Swooop game also help children learn and grow better.

Swooop game free for kids

Swooop game are extremely useful for children 5 years and older on your phone. The arcade plane games is fun and educational when it solves challenges in the plane flying games. Moreover, the pleasant and relaxing music accompanies you throughout the arcade airplane games.

The plane flying games is extremely fun and easy to play. Come to this game, baby will be taken to a wonderful world with characters not only lovely but also very exciting. This will be a great choice for everyone to enjoy after a hard day’s work or study.

You need to have good skills to be able to get a high score in this plane flying games. Your mission is to get as high score as you can to top the leaderboards. Just give it a try and enjoy right now. Good luck and have fun!

Arcade airplane games features:

  • Free game to play swooop game.
  • Splendid interface and smooth animation.
  • An addictive challenging game with best high score.
  • Suitable for players of all ages.
  • Good choice to get relaxed during break time.
  • Compatible with all devices: iPhone, iPad, Android, Window phone and desktop browsers.

How to play arcade plane games:

  • On the computer, use the mouse to play arcade plane games.
  • On the mobile, touch the screen to play arcade plane games.
  • Your task here is pick up the gems and set a high score.
  • Controls in the game are simple. Space bar, left mouse click or a touch (on touch-enabled devices) will raise your biplane’s nose upwards. Release and the plane’s nose will turn downwards.

Some screenshots from the arcade airplane games :

swooop game

Free game to play swooop game

swooop game

Splendid interface and smooth animation

swooop game

An addictive challenging game with best high score

swooop game

Good choice to get relaxed during break time

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